Rickenbacker Bass Guitars > CALIFORNIA: 1972 4000S Burgundyglo

A much-used-and-abused early "S" bass. This bass had been fitted with a variety of electronics, stripped, and then painted with a brush and some awful deep red varnish stain.

It needed to be stripped, re-profiled, as it had previously been sanded without benefit of a block, which changed the contours and rendered all of the flat surfaces very wavy.

Excess holes were filled in maple, then cleaned up. A new pickguard and fretboard were made and fitted, the harness and plated parts were redone, and everything was fine-tuned and detailed to like-new condition.

I suspect that this bass began life at the factory as a 4001 body blank, as it had subsequently had its thickness planed to remove the binding routs. It is about 1/8" thinner than either a 4000 or a 4001.