Vintage Rickenbacker Solid-Bodied Guitars > CALIFORNIA: Double Neck 4080/6, White with Black Trim

This 4080 arrived in my shop with the usual "ambered" finish from the old conversion varnish having, over the years, given in to age and atmosphere. It was a sickly Yellow Matter Custard color.

The real news, however, and the reason I had been asked to restore it, was the body, which had been water damaged. The maple had cracked in two places from stress, and the entire body had curled up. leaving it about 3/4" out of flat. Because of this, it was unplayable, besides being unattractive.

I mean to say, "patina" is one thing, and deserves respect to some extent. But this was over the top.

So, I made a new body to original specs, and used both original necks, although I did refinish them to match the body. The body was re-bound in black celluloid, and new pickguards were fitted. The wiring harness was checked and cleaned. Hardware was either polished or replaced with stainless steel to discourage corrosion. The bass bridge pickup surround was replated to jewelers' quality, as were two of the pickup covers; all were badly corroded.

The guitar/bass was assembled, tested, set up, detailed, and shipped.

This is about as complex a solid body restoration as could be imagined. It's one of four that I've done over the last dozen years.