Rickenbacker Bass Guitars > CALIFORNIA: Fretless "Shadow" Phantom Bass

This was constructed using a '76 4001 as a donor instrument. The '76 came to me as an incomplete carcass with no fretboard at a bargain price, and, because every bass player needs at least one fretless...

I stripped the vestiges of the original JG finish, made a new fretboard, and following the task of joining and matching the body and fretboard, finished the bass in Jetglo with checkerboard purfling and black outer binding. All hardware except fasteners was either black-chromed or semi-gloss black powder-coated. The neck pickup is a hi-gain, and the bridge is an NOS horseshoe as used on the "McCartney" basses.

It's a strong performer with a nice "woody" tone using round wound Rickenbacker strings. I've fitted it for photos with nylon-wrapped flatwound Rorosounds.

It's nicknamed "Darth".

I restored a 1967 425S to match (fretted, of course), which we call "Luke". You can see it in the "Vintage Solidbodies" category.

This guitar is currently FOR SALE in my Ebay store: