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Roughly 40% of all my work for customers involves restoring, refinishing, modifying, or in some cases, reconstructing basses made by Rickenbacker. I've worked on hundreds of Rickenbacker basses over the years.

In addition to the "usual" crop of restorations and refinishes to factory colors and specifications, I've recreated two hollow-bodied 4005 basses, one four string, and one eight, using the parts and serial numbers from original "donor" 4005s that were too far gone to properly restore. Additionally, I've converted a vintage 4001 into a one-of-a-kind double neck 4080/6 with yards of checkerboard binding and a built-from-scratch wiring harness with Ric-O-Sound.

You could almost say that Rickenbacker basses are as specialty. Of course, so are Rickenbacker guitars, both solid- and hollow-bodied, too!