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When musicians or laymen think "Rickenbacker guitar", the first image that comes to mind is usually John Lennon's '58 short scale, or George Harrison's first 360/12, or possibly Roger McGuinn's 370/12.

These are the "touchstone" Rickenbackers, and all are semi-hollow-bodied.

The semi-hollow body is the most common of all Rickenbacker guitar styles, and lots of these have passed through my workshops over the years. I've also seen and worked on most of the variations, too, from McGuinn Limited Editions to Light Shows and even a couple of 6-to-12 string Convertibles.

I'll start out with a few, but will add many of these projects as time goes on. They'll range through the color spectrum, from Fireglo finishes of various decades and ages, to Jetglo, Mapleglo, and every other "Glo" under the sun!

I am a specialist at matching Rickenbacker finishes from verbal descriptions, photographs, or the instrument itself.