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There is an undeniable charm to the early Rickenbacker solid-bodied guitars. Compared to Fender's offerings of the same era, the Rickenbackers look less sculpted, more primitive, and more masculine and even brutal.

Under the skin, too, these are obviously basic, handmade instruments. But their sometimes crude construction belies a robust nature, and the simplicity of the electronics does little to compromise the strong sound that remains contemporary, even nearly 60 years later.

These guitars have eye appeal and great playability. They ROCK!

I've restored a number of early Combos and own a green Combo 400 that I restored myself, from the first production run, in mid-1956. There's also a neat left-hand conversion of a '57 Combo 1000 short scale, where In took the additional liberty of making the new body wings out of AAAAA quilted maple.

The third example is a '57 hardtail in Jetglo. These three projects all have new pickguards which I fabricated. Two are gold-anodized aluminum, and the short scale's guard is vintage acrylic as original.