Vintage Rickenbacker Solid-Bodied Guitars > CALIFORNIA: 1956 Combo 400 with Rare Kaufmann Vib-Ro-La

Rickenbacker Combo 400 pickguard

The old, worn, scratched, bent-up aluminum pickguard is at upper left, its new replacement at upper right.

I made patterns from MDF using the old guard as sample, and routed the new guard from a piece of .040" T3 aluminum sheet. This sheet had a mirror polish on one side, and after it was routed and cleaned up, the white poly masking was peeled off and the plate was chemically-etched and anodized a subtle gold color. It was a good match for the replacement NOS Rickenbacker bridge cover. This is currently sold by the RIC boutique as a mandolin part, but was used on most early solid bodies, too.

Next, I'll transfer the electronic parts from old guard to new.